REV® Token and Validators

The native digital token of RChain, it secures the execution and storing of data on the RChain platform.


REV® is the native digital token for use by members of the RChain Cooperative on-line community via a global computer network. It tokenizes the security of the network's root shard, preventing DOS attacks and enabling staking.

Supply and history

RHOC was the initial ERC20 token that was issued after RChain's ICO in August of 2017. RHOC is now known as REV, when mainnet launched on February 4, 2020 RHOC was swapped on a 1:1 with REV®.

Circulating supply : 666,689,753 REV

Total supply : 870,663,574 REV

Block merge and external validators

RChain cooperative is based in the US. The core team has delivered mainnet and LFS, today it is actively working on two features : block merge and external validators onboarding. Both should be out in the second or third quarter of 2022. See timeline

These two features will allow >50% of validator nodes to be operated by parties other than the Co-op, enabling the listing of REV on major exchanges.

Validator requirements

Announced shortly