The RChain® Cooperative was formed in January 2017 to steward the development and progression of the RChain platform. The cooperative provides the foundational support necessary for RChain to grow into, and remain, a publicly owned and operated information utility.

RChain Co-op members invigorate the ecosystem with constant experimentation of governance models, empowering individual agency within a collective.

Board of Directors

Lucius Gregory (Greg) Meredith is the president of the RChain Cooperative. Greg is a mathematician, and the discoverer of the rho-calculus, a co-inventor of OSLF (Operational Semantics in Logic Form), and the inventor of the ToGL approach to graph theory.

Greg Meredith

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Darryl's background is in music production, having worked on several Gold and Platinum Grammy nominated albums throughout his 30+ years in the industry.

His passion is in rooting out the middlemen in an industry infested with them—hence his interest in blockchain’s potential for creating alternative solutions for the artist/appreciator relationship.

Darryl has been involved with RChain from before its inception as an active member of the Synereo community beginning in early 2015.

Darryl Neudorf

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Steve Henley is a thought leader, strategist, innovator and entrepreneur with 30 years industry experience. He is the Chief Technology Office for BeachTran Clearwater which is bringing aerial personal rapid transit to the Tampa Bay Area.

His early career background includes travel industry sales and telecom technical support. He earned a B.S./B.A. degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

Steve Henley


Rao Bhamidipati is a Board member and VP Product and Platform Governance at RChain. He has been managing RChain core development since July 2019 and successfully delivered the mainnet in February 2020. He leads the techno-economic governance of the platform and ecosystem development.

Rao started his computing career with a DARPA, IBM and NJ State funded group communications research project in the pre-Lotus Notes regime. Imagine Slack on a dial up modem network! Rao's 30 years of career experience spans nine years at Xerox in confidential level management positions with global exposure, consulting to several Fortune 100 companies in technology and business strategy, corporate intrapreneurship as well as leading startups from scratch. Rao led several award winning 'industry first' innovations including the first fully virtual internet bank and has a penchant for tough turn-arounds.

Rao has a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, MBA from the Indian Institute of Management and MS in Computer Science from NJIT.

Rao Bhamidipati


Camila Salkov is the first woman in the board of directors of RChain. She is the Operations Manager of TheDream.US - The nation's largest college access and success program for immigrant youth.

Camila Graduated from Trinity W. University with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting, and a Master’s degree with a concentration in Management from Fitchburg State University.

Camila is an experienced financial consultant, an investment banking expert, and a leader that brings a diverse background to her professional endeavors.

Camila Salkov

2018 - Chairperson RChain Coop Europe
2017 - CTO Estafet
2016 - Thoughtworker
2015 - Chief Strategy Officer of ZDLC, a Cognizant funded business unit
2012 - Managing Director/CEO of ZDLC, a Cognizant funded business unit
2011 - Appointed Visiting Professor in Computer Science at Kingston University
1996 - present: Hon Research Fellow Napier University
2005 - present: CEO Pi4 Technologies Foundation Ltd
2010 - 2012 European Technology Officer Cognizant
2007 - 2010 Chief Architect ASP Cognizant
2004 - 2006: Chair W3C Web Services
2003 - 2009: Co-chair W3C Web Services Choreography

Steve Ross-Talbot

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Theo Hallenius