RChain is more than a blockchain. Through our venture fund partner, Reflective Ventures, we’re building an ecosystem comprised of organizations that share our vision of creating a better world. Below are the companies you’ll soon experience on the RChain platform.

Access Network Decentralized bank for the unbanked.

Augmate Bridging the gap between inflexible business information systems, wearables, and all of IoT.

Blockchain at Berkeley A student-run organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to serving the Berkeley and greater East Bay crypto and blockchain communities.

Coegil The first Decision Science platform that connects you to the data and expertise you need to make great decisions quickly.

Digital Town A pioneer in the use of smart city technology and decentralized applications for cities.

Every A new retail platform that empowers shoppers to monetize their data in direct transactions with brands.

FanFactor Blockchain-based sports fan engagement platform that turns sports talk into sports action.

Harvard Undergraduate Blockchain Group Engaging in the discussion and education of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on campus.

Hellofriend A decentralized shared economy for real life activities.

Inkrypt A privacy-centric, decentralized content hosting solution.

LifeID Bringing identity into the modern era with an open-source, blockchain-based identity platform.

Lucidity Improving the authenticity of digital advertising analytics through a neutral, decentralized shared ledger.

Open The first blockchain infrastructure for applications.

Proof Leading the frontier in the battle against untruthful content.

Resonate Streaming music platform that empowers independent artists with a stream-to-own model.

Re-sure Insurance for people on the move.

Rubica Restoring safety to your digital world.

Swytch Using the blockchain to track carbon impact and reward sustainable actions.

Tesloop Tesloop is building Carmiq, a connected car community and data-driven services marketplace.

Translo A powerful platform for sharing biomedical data in a decentralized, secure, efficient, and permissioned manner.

Trusted Key An enterprise digital identity solution that leverages blockchain technology to provide the foundation of digital trust.

Veriledger Decrypting cryptocurrency accounting.

Witnet Smart contracts with real power.

WMVAI Magnifying voice for attention and influence.

Xpansiv Transforming how commodities are valued.