The RChain® Platform

RChain is proposing a new way for scaling blockchain. Is is the only leaderless smart contract platform to allow concurrent block proposal and safe concurrent execution of smart contracts in a single shard. RChain achieves near-linear scalability as hardware is added to the nodes. This feature is the result of 30+ years of research in concurrency and process calculi.

Robin Milner specified the Pi Calculus in the 90's and was awarded with a Turing prize for his works. RChain is powered by the Rho calculus which enhances the Pi Calculus.

Current state

Today's blockchains have fallen short. Current systems are constrained by the single chain problem. Sequential computing inevitably limits scalability and speed, while increasing transaction costs.

Massive energy and computational requirements are major obstacles to mass adoption of decentralized systems.


RChain is a blockchain platform for distributed applications. Intelligent, concurrent execution throughout the network unlocks blockchain's potential for transactions of every type and scale.

Designed for maximum efficiency at minimal computational and environmental cost, RChain provides the foundation and utility for global coordination. Innovations in consensus and concurrent processing increase transaction velocity, security, scalability, and sustainability. Unlike other chains, RChain's concurrent computing capabilities exist natively in the architecture.

Proof of stake

  • An emerging decentralized system with transparent participatory incentives.
  • Stake-based systems eliminate computing resource waste.
  • Distributes the imbalanced blockchain economic model.
  • Sustainable model for unlimited scale and growth.


At the center of the RChain platform is Rholang, a breakthrough smart contract programming language based on Rho-Calculus innovation.

Lightweight and expressive by design, Rholang is executed by RNodes with fine-grained concurrency. Rholang gives developers a straightforward, safe, and fast tool for blockchain transactions.





Reflective Higher Order Computing

Reflective Higher Order Calculus (Rho Calculus) is the breakthrough computing model that powers RChain. Rho powers RChain’s unmatched efficiency at scale and makes it possible for developers to build safer dApps, faster.


Namespaces, virtual groups of RNodes within the RChain network, can be customized by developers for specific parameters.

Namespaces act as virtual channels on the network, independently and concurrently processing transactions.

Next-generation sharding divides the network into optimized pieces, eliminating the race conditions found in other chains.

Developers are empowered to determine how contracts will be executed and optimzed for application-specific requirements.


Every namespace, process, and transaction is inspected and formally verified before executing.

Write code rapidly and confidently, knowing code and contracts must be correct by construction.

Fine-grained concurrency enables developers to choose an optimal, right-sized validation path for every transaction.