RChain® Ecosystem

Growing communities of dapps, libraries and resources.

RChain platform is built to support decentralized applications created by you! Here is a partial list of applications developed and supported by community members.


rholang.github.io is a community supported website dedicated to RChain's scalable blockchain language.

Community Github

rchain-community community supported tools for working with the RChain platform and Rholang.

Blockchain Explorer

Revdefine is an open-source, community supported explorer. It displays status of validators, deployments, wallet balances, and more.


Dappy is a no-DNS web browser, name system and NFT platform.

The Dappy network is a blockchain based, decentralized alternative to the traditional web and DNS system. It includes a transparent name system on the blockchain, and native tokens/NFT management features.

RChain token

RChain token is ERC-like smart contract on the RChain blockchain. It includes fungibles, non-fungibles, buy/sell capabilities as well as easy to use CLI.

Wallets (Community Supported and not endorsed by Co-op)