Climate at RChain® Cooperative

Our response to the consequences of climate change will require coordination beyond the scope of anything before seen in human history. Bill Gates described the coordination effort alone as surpassing the coordination amongst the allies in WW2. How do we develop technology that will support the coordination to respond to this existential threat?

  • Step 0: build a blockchain that is scalable and environmentally responsible: RChain.
  • Step 1: demonstrate the kind of local and global governance enabled by on-chain governance.
  • Step 2: demonstrate the impact of the self-sovereign identity and self-sovereign on-chain data; and in particular, show what this means for the billions of climate refugees.
  • Step 3: demonstrate the power of a reconfigurable smart power grid connected to a blockchain.
  • Step 4: let humanity show us ways of using the blockchain that we never even considered.