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Building The Scalable Blockchain

Proof of Stake Consensus

Where Ethereum’s Casper is being developed (currently) to have it “bets” per block, RChain will have bets on logical propositions, or constraints on blocks.

Sharded & Concurrent Blockchain

RChain enables composable sharding based on namespace interactions. This allows you to deploy a node to facilitate a specific portion of the blockchain. For public, private and consortium domains.


Derived from pi-calculus, the smart contract language for RChain is being created to assure correctness.

Details in "Mobile Process Calculi for Programming the Blockchain"

Introduction to RChain: Blockchain 3.0

The RChain Platform

If you are new to RChain, start with the RChain Platform Architecture.

We are seeking extraordinary individuals from around the world.

Where do your talents apply? You decide, and then let us know.

We are always open to new forms of creative community cooperation. 

After all, Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the name of the game.

Can't wait to hear from you!

RChain | Blockchain & Decentralized Application Platform

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